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Provide different types of body treatment, you will enjoy the wonderful natural treatment and create your good energy. Body Slimming & Weight Management Program         $1300/60 treatments Breast Developing Program                        

Skin Care Service We carried three product line for skin care treatment. “Helenere” Product Line Treatment Hélénère is a well-known name in the beauty care industry. In collaboration with the best Swiss cosmetologists and world-renowned beauticians, Hélénère began to manufacture a scientifically proven

A) Treatment Time: 70 Min. Treatment  Processing: Cleasning, Steam, Peeling, Blackhead Remove, Eyebrow Tweecing, Face massage; serum induction; Soft Mask, 15 Min.massage for shoulder, neck and head; Single Treatment: $65   Package: $630/10 treatments You can choose any treatment below: 1. Stem cell Anti-aging treatment 2. Collagen +Q10 Lifting Treatment 3. B.T.Like Anti

- Nutrition and Health consult       Free - Acupuncture:                           $60/60min. Body Pain, Frozen shoulder, Stiff neck, Digestive problems, Constipation, Overweight, Irregular Menstruation, Rheumatism and Arthritis, Depression, Hep B, Diabetes Prevention - Cosmetic Acupuncture( Anti-aging Program) A) Luxury Combo                       $150/110 min. including: Facial

A) Mini Hydrating Facial Treatment / Mini Eye Treatment Treatment Time:  30 Min. Treatment Procesing: Cleasning, Steam, Peeling, Face's massage/eye section massage, soften mask/eye mask Single Treatment :$23  Package:$250/10 treatments B) Basic Hydrating Facial Treatment Time: 45Min. Treatment Procesing: Cleasning, Steam, Peeling, Blackhead remove, Eyebrow tweecing,

Its simplicity does not take away from the benefits  and  usefulness of this natural massage therapy treatment. Stone therapy has become one of the most requested massage treatments in spas and practices around the world. Used hot or cold, you will