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What Is Ear Candling?
It is an alternative aide for ear health. It is a simple but effective home remedy. It involves the use of a hollow candle which resembles a straw coated with special wax. The small end of the candle is placed on the edge of a person’s ear and the large end is lit with a match. It is a non-medical procedure for ears.

Why Use Ear Candling?
It is merely used as a home remedy for your better health! It is not intended to be used for medical purposes or in place of proper medical attention.

Does Ear Candling Hurt?
There is absolutely no discomfort to the person receiving this technique. Most people enjoy the process and find it to be relaxing; some to the point of drifting off to sleep.

The Origin Of Candling:
Once upon a time we did most of it ourselves, with some help from the elders of the village. Then came a time when we turned it over to someone else or an institution. Now many of us are moving back to the idea of learning to do it ourselves with a little help from the institution in special cases. “It” refers to healing the body and learning preventative measures that keep the body strong, youthful, dynamic, and fully functioning.

One proven technique of prevention and help for the body that grandmother was probably familiar with is Candling. A natural technique, candling began centuries ago, possibly originating in ancient Egypt. Because the process worked, candling spread to Greece and China and is now practiced around the world.

We all have choices. We have found this alternative to be beneficial and we hope that you will, too. When you or someone you care for experiences an improvement after the use of this process, please spread the news and use it only for your future well being. Use these products and information as a guide to safe, natural, economical, and easy solution for your better health.

Like most alternative approaches, there is no science to explain the phenomenon. As for the effectiveness of the remedy all we have are testimonials from people all over the nation and the world.

Treatment Price: $25

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