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Its simplicity does not take away from the benefits  and  usefulness of this natural massage therapy treatment.

Stone therapy has become one of the most requested massage treatments in spas and practices around the world. Used hot or cold, you will love the wonderful feel and good energy of these natural healing tools. Our basalt massage stones will leave you  feeling grounded, relaxed, and happy. Hot stone therapy also effectivly increases circulation while allowing deeper work within the scheduled time.

The natural Hawaiian Hot Stones permits each stone to have its own unique shape, size, and function. Hawaiian Hot Stones are the perfect tools to provide relief for sore and tired hands of massage therapists. The heat works with you and warms the muscles and the hardness and weight of the stone assist in pressure releasing.

The Hawaiian Hot  stones  allows a graceful effleurage movement while warming the muscle with every each inch of movement. It is similar to “ironing” a muscle. The Hawaiian Hot stones  is also to be used in pressure point application. Reflexology and trigger point treatments can definitely benefit by allowing deeper work without the strain on the thumbs and wrists.