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Health and Beauty from Natural food and herbal

Here, We would like to introduce some very effective food recipe to you, all these food recipe is very popula in China, people like to make these foods or soup to create their health and beauty. Hope you can try it and enjoy it!!!

Beautifull now and Age later……

(1) Eye Care

Eye Bag, Dark Eye Circle, Eye Wrinkle is always be with you when you are growing old or maybe you have some problem with your part of your bady, so how to care your eye and your health from the natural daily food and natural herbal? Here we introduce some recipe for you

Soup With Apple & snakecrake fish

Material: 3 Apples, 1 snakecrake Fish (you can buy it in Chinese-market), 10 Chinese-Date, 2 pieces of ginger

Method: remove the skin and nut inside the apple, and cut the apple to be pieces;

the fish fry in shallow oil until the fish become light yellow color;

put the water into a pot, when the water boiled, put all the material into the pot, and use the medium fire to cook for 2 hours,

and add some salt, it will be done.

Function: Prevent the eye bag, and remove the black circle.

※ Soup with pig’s liver and Agaric

Material: Agaric 25 g,  pig’s liver 300g,  1 piece of Ginger, 2 Chinese-Date, little salt;


  1. Put the Agaric into the water for 15 MIN. and then compel to clean, wait for a little dry, prepare for use.
  2. Use the water to clean the pig’s liver, Chinese-date, Ginger;  remove the skin of the ginger, take out the stone inside the Chinese-date;
  3. Put the water into a pot, when the water boiled, put  the Agarics ,Ginger,  Chinese-Date into the pot first, keep the medium fire about one hour, then put the pig’s liver into the pot, when the pig’s liver complete done, put some salt, the soup done.


1. Helpful as blood, blood stasis effect. Prevent the eye bag, and remove the black circle.

2. Chinese believe that if fatigue, night sleep is not intoxicated, will be prone to liver failure catharsis, spleen ineffective, blood stasis symptoms, black cricle will appear around the eyes, often due to drink the soup, will help prevent more symptoms appear.

3. If the women has the problem like :stagnation, irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, black cricle eye, pigmentation, chloasma, you can use this soup as a diet.
4. This soup is very nature, men and women are appropriate.

conjee with Chinese-date and

Material: Chinese-Date 50g, rice 100g, chrysanthemum 15 g;

Method: Put all the material into the pot, add some water, when the conjee almost done, put the brown sugar into the conjee, done.

Function: It helps support liver continued health. And it’s very good for eyes; also boost the immune system. For long term, you can get very well skin.

(2) Weight loss

Conjee with Coix lacryma-jobi

Material: Coix lacryma-jobi 30g, Rice 20g, Chinese-Date 5 grain;

Method: 1. Clean all the material, take the seed from Chinese-Date;

2. Put all the material into the pot, add some water, when the conjee almost done .

Function: It boost the immune system; boost in energy; clear up the body dropsical, especially for the leg & hip; also increase the beauty skin.

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