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Ovaries Anatomy

Ovaries are the small, oblong, pearl-colored organs that lie just below the fallopian tubes on each side of the uterus. Ovaries produce ripe eggs about once a month, from about age 14 or 15 onward. As the egg develops each month, a nourishing fluid-filled sac forms around it, so that it is encapsulated or walled off from the rest of the ovary. This fluid-filled area, known as a cyst, is physiologically completely normal, a fact that many women don’t appreciate. At ovulation, when the egg is released and picked up by the fallopian tube, the cyst actually bursts as part of the ovulatory process, and the surrounding fluid is released into the pelvic cavity along with the egg.

After ovulation, in the space where the egg used to be, a second small cystic area known as the corpus luteum develops and begins to secrete progesterone. The corpus luteum eventually gets reabsorbed by the ovary. Frequently the process of egg development begins and a small cyst forms, but ovulation doesn’t occur at that particular site. In this case, a small cyst will be left in that area of the ovary for a while. Because of this monthly process of egg development and cyst formation, it is perfectly normal for a woman to have small fluid-filled ovarian cysts at almost any time throughout her reproductive life. In fact, ovaries nearly always have small cysts in them.

Whenever a woman gets a pelvic ultrasound for chronic pelvic pain, a fibroid, or for any other reason, her ovaries are also scanned and these cysts show. Small 1–3-cm cysts are usually normal, because producing small physiological cysts that come and go is part of what normal ovaries do. They gestate little eggs, little cyst — or in energy medicine terms, young ideas ripe with potential.

Ovaries also produce hormones — including estrogen, progesterone and androgens — throughout the life-cycle, though the amounts they produce change (not necessarily declining), depending upon a woman’s age. It has been commonly thought that ovaries become essentially nonfunctional after a woman stops having periods, but studies in healthy women have proven that ovaries maintain their ability to produce steroid hormones for several decades after menopause.  Parts of the ovaries do start to decrease in size when a woman is in her thirties, and they do lose mass more rapidly after age 45 on average, but they are not the inert fibrous tissue masses they’ve been thought to be.

As women age, only the outermost covering (theca) of the ovary regresses, the part where the eggs grow and develop and where physiological (“functional”) cysts form. In midlife, the innermost part of the ovary (inner stroma) becomes quite active for the first time in our lives . Studies have shown that our ovaries can produce androgens, as well as progesterone and estradiol, long after menopause. These hormones are significant in preventing osteoporosis and also maintaining energy and libido.

Energy Anatomy — Emotional Patterns Associated with Ovarian Problems

From an energy medicine standpoint, ovaries are the female equivalent of male testicles. They can be thought of as “female balls” because they represent exactly the same thing in the world. Our ovarian wisdom represents our deepest creativity, that which waits to be born from within us, that which can be born only through us, our unique creative potential — especially as it relates to what we create in the world outside of ourselves. To maintain health, a woman needs to understand how to use her “balls” in a life-enhancing way.

All the creations that come from deep within us, from our ovarian wisdom — whether they be babies, books, or works of art — have a life of their own that we have a responsibility to initiate and allow, but ultimately not control. Our ability to yield to our creativity, to acknowledge that we cannot control it with our intellect, is the key to understanding ovarian power. We must allow this power to come through us.

When a woman does not heed her innermost creative wisdom because of her fears or insecurities about the world outside of herself, ovarian problems can arise. They may arise in situations in which she perceives herself as being controlled by or criticized by forces outside herself. Financial or physical threats in the outer world affect the ovaries, particularly if a woman believes that she has no way to alleviate the threats. Thus, a woman who is abandoned by her mate or feels stressed on the job may develop ovarian problems if she feels that she has no means of escape from her situation and that the “outer” world is preventing her from changing.

Ovarian problems can result from a woman’s perception that people and circumstances outside of herself are preventing her from being creative. In addition, the energy of vengeance or the desire to get even may also adversely affect the ovaries.

Functions of the Treatment

  1. Release energy and nerves
  2. Accelerate the blood circulation, heal pain, warm up and relax body
  3. Balance internal endocrine
  4. Clam nervousness and stress
  5. Decompose deposited blood
  6. Adjust functions of females’ reproductive organs
  7. Effect pigmentation skin, acne skin, and yellowish complexion

Applicable skin types:

Emmeniopath, dysmenorrheal, and some femmes’ illness caused by Internal endocrine maladjustment

Products combinations & Ingredients:

1. Chinese Herbal Candle: Argy Wormwood Leaf

2. Soothing Essence Oil: Rose. Geranium,

3. Navel Powder: Chinese angelica root, Amur Cork-tree,

4. Balancing Liquid: Lilac, Frankincense, Rosemary

Operation Process:

  1. Skin Purifying Essence: Apply 2ml to the stomach area, massage around, and rinse 3 minutes later.
  2. Soothing Essence Oil: Apply 5ml to stomach, massage gently for 15 minutes.
  3. Balancing Liquid + Navel Powder: Apply the mixture to belly button, and cover a towel on top.
  4. Chinese Herbal Candle + Burner: Light Chinese Herbal Candle in burner, and put burner on the top of belly button. Stay for 20 minutes, and then clean after operation.

Reg: $60/45min. Now Special : $55/45min.

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