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Young Sensation Wellness Spa now offers the most effective, affordable and healthy way to steam and purify your skin and body.

Lie down on our steam bed while organic herb infused steam calms you into your sanctuary of relaxation.

Your front side area is kept cool during steam treatment to prevent you overheating.

With steam treatment you can allow the facial treatment at the same time, to gently clean your face while the herbal steam to treat your respiratory system.

The Steam Spa system offers a wide variety of spa treatment options with our special recipes of herbs a variety of organic herbal steam and infusion formulas target specific treatment needs, including: detoxification, stress reduction and weight loss.

All of our herb formulas are created by a Register Doctor of Natural Medicine & Nutritional Consultant using organic top-quality medicinal plants.

Herbs are GMO-free and untreated and do not contain pesticides, chemical additives or heavy metals for your health and the planets.

Our treatment does not contain additives that can be released from non-organic products. Our treatment uses only a few liters of water and a standard electrical outlet.

Young Sensation #1 Stream Spa system Benefit:
Relaxes our clients for deeper and more effective body work.

Please make an appointment with us @ 416-722-7712

Reg:$38/per treatment

Reg:$350/ 10 treatments

Now Special Price: $25/per treatment; $230/10 treatments

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