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Kaishuo Intelligent Neck Massager



凯硕智能颈椎按摩仪 KAISHUO INTELLIGENT NECK MASSAGER Our product is based on TCM principles of reinforcing qi, nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation, removing obstruction in channels and relieving pain. It uses infrared hot therapy,health magnet, low frequency tuning electric pulse and acupoint stimulating technique. Electric pulse is used to stimulate acupoints on neck, cervical nerves, and spinal cord, and vertebral artery.

凯硕颈椎仪 根据中医益气养血、活血通络、散风止痛的原则,远红外热疗及两个健康磁石,应用电子式针灸的物理按摩原理,利用低频调谐电脉冲,模仿针灸按摩的基本手法,反复对颈椎间盘、颈神经根、脊髓、椎动脉和颈部的交感神经穴位进行有益的电脉冲针灸按摩。

Product details 产品细节: 1. Wireless neck massager (* remote control operation / voice control). 2. Temperature mode (can adjust using temperature high, low, off). 3. To promote the role of blood circulation, and improve cervical dislocation. 4. Stimulating neurons to relax, repair, improve the cervical spine stimulation, blood stasis, and muscle relaxation. 5. Neck massage is completely different comes with two battery sensor. 6. USB charging (fully charged battery, it can last average 5-7 days with 30min usage per day).

1. 遥控控制 / 语音操作。 2. 可调节温度。 3. 促进血液循环,改善颈椎问题。 4. 刺激神经细胞以起到放松,修复,刺激颈椎,改善血瘀和放松肌肉的作用。 5. 两个电池感应器。 6. 可用USB充电。(充满时可用上5-7天,一天使用30分钟)

Uses 用处: 1. Electric pulse acupoint massage 2. Improve cervical spondylosis, headache and dizziness 3. Reduce neck and shoulder ache and muscle tension 4.Improve stiff neck, sleep and acupoint

1. 电脉冲穴位按摩 2. 改善颈椎病、头晕头疼 3. 舒缓肩颈酸痛、肌肉僵硬 4. 舒缓落枕、失眠、穴位疏通

Modes模式: Mode 1: Numb, sore, wave-like large area stimulation Mode 2: Hitting, numb, sore, wave-like small area stimulation Mode 3: Small area numb and sore, slowly spreading to larger area Mode 4: Continuous fast hitting, like acupuncture.

Mode 5: Slow hitting, acupuncture and numb and sore combination Mode 6: Rotation of hitting and acupuncture, 6 times rest 1 time.

模式1:麻,胀,电波感大面积刺激 模式2:敲击,麻,胀,电波感小面积刺激 模式3:小面积麻和胀,从小面积到大 模式4:持续快速敲击,如针灸 模式5:慢敲击,真,麻,胀组合 模式6:敲击与针灸循环,6次休息一次

适合人群Suitable for use: • Working class who uses computer frequently • Students • Drivers • People who use smart phones, smart pads frequently • People who have cervical problems, pains and aches.

• 上班族、电脑族 • 学生 • 司机 • 低头族 • 颈肩酸痛族 •

不适用于Unsuitable for: • People who have pacemaker in their hearts and people who have metal plates in their body. • People who suffer from heart and brain blood vessel bloackages. • Pregnant women. • Women undergoing menstruation.

• 心脏安装起搏器和金属支架者 • 心脑血管疾病 • 孕妇 • 女性经期


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