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Most weight loss programs tell you what to eat, but often fall short as a lifetime solution because they fail to address the REASON why you may be overeating, under exercising and/or making unhealthy choices. A weight loss plan only works if you stay with it. And as any successful dieter can tell you, it’s much easier to lose weight and firm up when the plan you choose fits your lifestyle and personality. With any endeavor to lose weight, most people think they need to go on a diet. But that’s not exactly true. A diet is simply what you eat, which means you’re already on one. That diet either works for you so you achieve and maintain the weight loss you want, or it doesn’t.

TLS is a program designed around you, your goals, and your commitment level to achieving your personal health and fitness goals. It’s not a onesize-fits-all program that tells you to “Just eat this and not that” or “do this and don’t do that.” TLS is customized to you, the individual, and designed to keep you on track to achieve your personal weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

FIND YOUR FIT Each plan in the TLS® Profiling System begins with an optional fourto seven-day detox that promotes full-body cleansing, while priming your metabolism for weight loss. From there, you can choose from five specially designed, low-glycemic menu plans that will fit your body’s nutritional requirements, as well as your goals, personality and commitment level.

WHY LOW GLYCEMIC? Low-glycemic foods like lean proteins, high-fiber vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, quality fats and whole grains help keep blood sugar levels stable. When you have stable blood sugar levels, this will help keep your body balanced and help improve energy, sleep, how you react to stress and, most importantly, will help you burn fat instead of store it. Lowglycemic eating has also been shown to be superior for weight loss and weight management, cardiovascular health and more.

TLS WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION TOOLS TLS® HEALTH GUIDE AND JOURNAL The TLS Health Guide and Journal helps you set realistic goals and addresses why you may be facing a weight loss struggle. It explains lowglycemic-impact eating and provides sample meal plans to make getting started simple. This guide also provides 90 days of journaling to keep you on track through the entire program. tlsSlim.com — AN INTERACTIVE WEBSITE AND MOBILE APPLICATION THAT PROVIDES:

• Accountability to help you achieve your results in the time frame you wish to achieve them.

• Free weight loss profile to help determine which program best meets your needs.

• Exercise plans, recipes, educational videos, tips and more.*

HOW IT WORKS BODY COMPOSITION Traditional diets focus solely on the number on the scale, and more of the weight reduction you experience often comes from water and muscle loss. TLS Weight Loss Solution, however, focuses on loss of body fat. TLS Weight Loss Solution emphasizes achieving healthy body composition by increasing the ratio of muscle to fat, because muscle dictates metabolism. To obtain a healthy body composition, TLS Weight Loss Solution emphasizes the importance of combining low-glycemic eating with exercise. BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION For any weight loss program to succeed, change must occur. Change usually requires you to overcome fear. Once you do, your life changes for the better. TLS Weight Loss Solution makes it a point to address this very important aspect of success to ensure past mistakes are not repeated. Small, manageable changes lead to long-lasting results. SUPPLEMENTATION TLS Weight Loss Solution provides scientifically developed weight management supplements designed to support your weight loss efforts. Each formula addresses different processes in your body that cause you to gain weight or hinder your weight loss efforts.** TLS supplements are designed to work synergistically, and tlsSlim.com will recommend a custom regimen based on a brief questionnaire to maximize your success with TLS Weight Loss Solution.

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